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This section outlines key employee information to review for the 2024-25 school year. 

  • Please visit the new HR & EMPLOYEE RESOURCES PAGE for a variety of important employee and human resources information. 

    Of particular note, please review:

    • Annual Notices
    • Absence Reporting Requirements
    • All permanent teachers have an opportunity to participate in a leadership position for supplemental pay. 
    • Teachers will have the opportunity to sign up for various roles during the first staff meeting. 
    • It is expected that most positions will rotate unless there is no other interest. 
    • New, temporary, or probationary teachers are not expected to participate


    download form here

    (one will be provided, by you are welcome to preview a copy)

  • Everything you need to prepare for certificated evaluations is linked here

    (or at b v u s d . o r g / c e r t e v a l s)

  • As appropriate, principals will share these orientation slides with new paraprofessionals, but it’s worth taking a look. 

  • Everything is available on the STAFF SAFETY PAGE linked here. 

    Note that this year, some of the trainings that have been previously provided online will be offered in person. 

    You will be notified about additional online trainings via email, and you can access assigned courses at PUBLIC WORKS. Log in with your Google account. 

    Don’t forget to complete and turn in to Office Managers: the BACK-TO-SCHOOL & SAFETY CHECKLIST by September 20. 



This section summarizes key resources and agreements for logistics and operations (e.g., calendars, communication, and technology). Please review prior to the start of school

  • It’s part of the BVUSD Handbook, but our communication framwork is also linked here and always available at

    Please take a look prior to the start of school so we can support effective communication for staff, families, and students, and review the details below. 




    • Principals will send a weekly update to staff.
    • Principals will communicate to families through weekly newsletters in Parent Square.
    • Teachers should communicate with all families at least monthly using ParentSquare.
    • Please do everything possible to connect with families and share positive information prior to contacting home about a concern. 


    • Parent Square: We will continue to use ParentSquare for family messaging.
    • All notes will be linked into Wednesday Meeting Google Calendar events - and also above in the QUICK LINKS section of this Staff Portal Homepare. 
    • Grade levels and other teams should use the shared notes linked in the calendar or below
    • BVAPT, BVEF, District Advisory Council, Staff Meeting, Grade Level notes will also live in the shared folder
    • NEW: Grade Level Lead Google Docs
      • Each school site has a designated doc as a communication tool for principals and grade-level leads
      • Grade Level Leads, should check the document at least weekly and share information with their teams as appropriate
      • Principals will place items for Grade Level Team meetings; 
      • Leads and Principals can also ask and answer questions

    Google Calendar is a helpful tool to help keeps us organized and informed.


    • You can turn calendars on/off, but you’ll want access to all of them.
    • In an effort to avoid duplicate events showing on our calendars, you'll need to keep each calendar visible, as there is different information on each calendar.
    • Check calendars regularly



    • Ensure you have access to at least three (3) of the BVUSD calendars: (1) Public Family Calendar, (2) District Staff Calendar, (3) School Site Calendar
    • Keep each calendar visible, as there is different information on each calendar. 


    1 Family Calendar Share Link - District (Public) Calendar

    2 Staff Calendar Share Link - District Staff Only Calendar

    3 School Site Calendar Yulupa School Calendar  -OR- Strawberry School Calendar 


    • Please use Google Calendar to share and invite staff, teachers, administrators etc. to meetings, events, and activites.
    • As much as possible, please avoid using email to share events and/or invite others and use a calendar invitation. Doing so:
      • add events directly to others’ calendars attendees 
      • helps us not miss or lose track of important events 
      • allows attendees to RSVP
    • If you’re invited to something, please ‘RSVP’ so we can confirm attendance 


    • A lot of resources can be shared in each calendar event.
    • Try to use this feature, if you’re creating an event
    • Check for additional resources for events others have created
    • Content that can be shared includes: 
      • location (zoom, in-person, office, room #, etc)
      • documents can be uploaded, attached, and/or linked in the Description section
      • Notes and links can also be added
    • The following image was created for our Special Education team, but it works for all of us


  • We are continuing to move toward a shared, consistent, process for recording and sharing information. This supports our collective ability to share information efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively. As a result, educators are better able to target strategies and meet student needs.  Aeries is a very capable tool for this purpose.

    Aeries - REPORT CARD (required as of 2021)

    • All teachers are required to use the Aeries report card. Teachers were trained during the 2021-2022 school year, and additional support is available for new teachers and as requested by any teacher. 

    AeriesGRADEBOOK (by end of 22-23 school year)

    • All teachers need to use  Aeries, a secure, digital gradebook. 

    Aeries - INTERVENTION  (by end of 22-23 school year)

    • All general education student interventions provided to students (both in class and by a pull-out program) should be documented in the Intervention sections of Aeries.

    Aeries - DISCIPLINE (by end of 23-24 school year)

    • Level I behaviors in the classroom should be entered for the purposes of documentation and additional support
    • Principals will enter Level II/III (and Level I from the yard)
    • Found under GUIDANCE tab - more info/instructions here

    Aeries - ‘NOTES’ (ongoing)

    • Principals and school psychs will  continue to enter student notes (behavior, discipline, incidents, consequences, etc) into Aeries. 



    Although teachers may give a mid-trimester report as they deem appropriate, legally, teachers are required to give a mid-trimester report when the child is at-risk of failing by the end of the year.


    When a student is making adequate progress, the parent conferences should focus on:

    • uncheckedgoal-setting
    • uncheckedassessment data
    • uncheckedprogress thus far
    • uncheckedestablishing relationships with families
    • uncheckedgathering information on home life from parents, etc.


    More reminders about report cards details will be shared later. 

  • Check out a few resources to facilitate our use of technology here

    We will try to add to the page throughout the year. 

  • Take a look at the Technology Framework here which includes these new contracts/agreements for smart devices at school. 


May 9, 2024 Board Meeting Agenda

May 9, 2024 Regular Meeting Agenda for theĀ  Bennett Valley Union School District Board of Trustees All agendas for the 2023-24 school year are available atĀ . . .

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Tomorrow: Educator Appreciation Continue . . .

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April 11, 2024 Board Meeting Agenda

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March 14, 2024 Board Meeting Agenda

March 14, 2024 Regular Meeting Agenda for theĀ  Bennett Valley Union School DistrictĀ  Board of Trustees All agendas for the 2023-24 school year are available atĀ . . .

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