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In Response to Current Violence: A Message from Superintendent Cala

Posted Date: 10/10/23 (8:27 PM)

To our BVUSD Community:

It is with great sorrow and sadness I find myself needing to respond to another violent tragedy unfolding in our world. Acts of violence - even on another continent - leave us reeling as we try to make sense of the details. While I do not feel adequately educated to speak to such details at this time, I am passionately committed to sharing a message that rejects violence.  

In an elementary school district, many of our young students are appropriately unaware of recent events in Israel. Some of our families however, have ties to the region and are deeply impacted. By extension and connection, we are all psychologically harmed when any part of our community suffers. Similarly, we are all in a position to offer support, kindness, compassion, and empathy while we denounce acts of intolerance, hate, and cruelty.

Our district will continue to foster a deep sense of belonging for all members of our community. Our exceptional educators will continue to keep a vigilant eye on all of our children. Should we notice a student in need of additional support, we will facilitate that. 

I am also passing along (see bottom of message) several of the resources circulating for families looking for additional guidance. As a reminder, age-appropriate discussions are typically best when an individual child can drive a dialogue with questions (as opposed to an adult-driven explanation that can exacerbate concern and anxiety). 

While it is difficult to make sense of the details that lead to such violence, history continues to teach us that the center of conflict is almost always rooted in a fear of differences (in belief systems, behaviors, politics, race and religion). Regardless of our individual opinions and beliefs, we all benefit - especially our children - when we engage with tolerance, acceptance, and respect for every being. 

In Community & Partnership,


Resources for Supporting Students & Families

  • The San Diego Office of Education has prepared a comprehensive history-social science, mental health, and social-emotional learning resources to support families and educators in such conversations.

  • I’ve been collecting Trauma-Informed Resources for families and educators on this page - which can be found on our website under 'Resources' (see screenshot below).