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🚌 Bus Passes Required • 🗓️ Get them before October 9

Posted Date: 9/27/23 (4:00 PM)


Good Afternoon, BVUSD Families:

As of October 9, students will no longer be able to ride the bus without a bus pass.  

This requirement helps us ensure: student safety, efficient services, and the funding to support transportation programs for families.

Student Safety: The primary reason for requiring bus passes is to ensure the safety of students by reducing the risk of confusion and the potential of safety issues. Bus passes provide us with a record of who is on the bus at any given time, and they also help us ensure that students are using the right bus and the right stops.

Efficient Route Planning: Bus passes allow us to optimize bus routes and bus stops while avoiding delays and overcrowding.  

Funding and Reporting Requirements: Requiring bus passes supports our reporting requirements that ensures we receive funding to cover transportation costs for families. 

Admittedly, we have been inconsistent in our previous efforts to enforce the use of passes, but we are unable to sustain this flexibility in light of new reporting mandates.

As of October 9, 2023, students will be allowed to ride to school in the morning, however, they will not be allowed to ride the bus in the afternoon without a pass.

Bus passes can be requested online at

Thank you for understanding, and we appreciate your cooperation in securing a bus pass for your child. 

Lexie Cala, Superintendent