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☎ A Call to Action! Help us improve attendance at BVUSD!

Posted Date: 8/28/23 (2:21 PM)


Dear Families,

We hope you are all enjoying a positive transition from summer into the start of the 2023-24 school year! It has been absolutely delightful to see and hear children on our school sites for that last couple of weeks. 

So much back-to-school information was shared in advance of the school year; it seems like a good time to pull out some of the key pieces for emphasis and understanding. 

Improving student attendance is a top priority for BVUSD this year. Unfortunately, BVUSD attendance rates are already looking to be lower than expected in the first few weeks of school. 

Regular attendance supports your student, their teachers, their peers, and valuable resources for our district. Please take a moment to review some of the details below:


It is easy to believe that missing a day, or even a portion of a school day, does not have much of an impact. Please reconsider this assumption, because absences impact the learning of their entire classroom, the achievement of their entire school, and the resources available across the entire district.


Your child's absence impacts their growth. Regular attendance at school is the surest way for students to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. 


A missed day is missed learning. If a teacher is able to help your child make up for lost learning, it is at the cost of the rest of the non-absent students in the classroom. 


A school district’s costs remain consistent (based upon enrollment), but funding is based upon attendance. This means every single student absence (regardless of reason or excuse) contributes toward a budget deficit. Money that goes ‘out’ (toward materials, programs, and salaries) does not get reduced when a student is absent, but the money coming in does. 


Our next message will focus on attendance definitions and interventions. In the meantime,  please understand that 

  • school districts are required to escalate our response after even 3 unexcused absences

  • parent notification does not automatically excuse an absence; California Education Code is limited in the definition of what is allowable as an excused absence

  • even excused absences can lead to a SARB referral, and in serious cases parent  prosecution and costly fines for parents

Read more about attendance, including the District's response to absences here


If your child must miss a day of school, please use one of three reporting options below, and include all of the information listed to the right: 

  • Student’s Name

  • Teacher

  • Date(s) of Absence

  • Reason for Absence

  • Name of Person Reporting Absence

  • Relationship to Student

  • Phone Number


We appreciate everyone's support in reaching our goal for improved attendance. Stay tuned for additional details. 
 In Partnership,